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This is an excellent wardrobe software simply because it is easy to use and has a lot of power. It is an essential design program for any professional cabinetmakers or furniture designer. You will quickly realize that no previous interior design experience is necessary. This cabinet program allows you to design, build and quickly estimate labor costs based on the style of the door, wood species or material, method of building the cabinet, or type of finish.

sketchup woodworking program with CutList

Enter the dimensions of the first body and scene

you can rotate the furniture in 2D view to make sure you have everything properly designed
you can create a dressing room with sliding doors

Design the body in a 2D view. Add another New Corpus or duplicate the first one designed in a 3D view. Adjust its dimensions in the 3D view and the interior layout in 2D. When designing a wardrobe with sliding doors you have the interior withdrawal set to the sliding door system, when designing a wardrobe with hinged doors, set the Door System offset to 0.

Cabinet design software free download full version

Hinged wardrobes, sliding doors to walk-in wardrobes

free-standing cabinets, hinged doors
walk-in closet with sliding doors

Easy design of storage cabinets with doors and shelves, drawers, clothes rails, baskets. Determine the direction of the wood grain on the door and the program will turn everything into a production report in a few clicks.

Easy woodworking design

Sliding door to walk-in closet

The program calculates the height and width of sliding doors, automatically adjusts to the designed recess, determining the position of the door on the track, adding divisions of fillings, drawing in a 2D view. The possibility of manually changing the dimensions and position of the door and all parameters was included.

Furniture blueprints

Customer quote report, screenshot and GIF

take a screenshot with a watermark
send your client a moving design in a GIF file
pricing for a retail client
make an offer with visualization, retail customer valuation report in PDF format

After designing the furniture, send the client an offer, a detailed quote, project screenshots and a dynamic GIF visualization. Increase sales in your company.

Cabinet design software

Report to be provided to the installer with the visualization and dimensions of the designed furniture

mounting report
details from the carpentry shop with the dimensions of shelves, doors, drawers, etc.

Report for the assembly includes a large drawing of the furniture, detailed dimensioning, shows the dimensions of the door and its position on the track. Detailed description of materials, door profiles, comments from the designer and the client. The fitter takes to the customer for assembly a report from the carpentry shop with the dimensions of all elements: shelves, drawers, clothes rails, sliding and tilting doors, all materials for the back of the furniture, furniture board for external and internal elements.

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Generating a report for the production for the carpentry shop

the dimensions of the forms and veneered edges
the dimensions of the drawer components
the dimensions of the sliding and hinged doors

Project data is transferred to the report automatically, but remember that you can manually correct any shelf dimensions, change the number of veneered edges, add and remove your own elements, etc.

Furniture design software

Cutting the board sheets for the carpentry shop

view of generated dimensions, possibility to edit each element
an exemplary report based on which the app will cut the cutting of panel sheets
dimension view of sliding doors with equal division
the screen for cutting sheets
the screen with a preview of sheet forms, you can add new shelves
cut optimization view, the% of board and veneered edge utilization is specified
optimization of cuts in the carpentry shop as a PDF printout + the possibility of printing labels

Design furniture, generate a specification and material list, check the production cost in a carpentry workshop, make a sheet cutting list in minutes. Increase your sales and position in the furniture market with WaCaDe - Wardrobe Cabinet Designing.

Free cabinet design software with cutlist

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