Design software for furniture carpenters

WaCaDe is a program for creating drawings of cabinets for designers, carpenters with 3D visualizations.

Do you work in the furniture industry and need an intuitive application with a simple interface to create complex furniture layouts? We have an irreplaceable tool for you, in a few minutes you will make advanced designs of wardrobes and sliding doors. After clicking on Reports, you will create a PDF with a retail valuation. Send the client screenshots of the JPG or GIF project by e-mail, and when the client accepts the offer, start the order.

Generate a list of forms in the material calculator at wholesale / production prices. Remember that you have the option of manually editing the dimensions of shelves or edge banding before sending them to production. Provide the carpentry shop with the cutting optimization with a list of cuts of furniture boards, and print the drawing for the fitter for assembly. Excellent menu ergonomics and ease of use are the main advantages of WaCaDe.

Download the full version, test it for free, you will see that it is worth buying (see Price list).

Useful and practical features in furniture design

system for designing wardrobes, doors and furniture according to individual customer preferences,

a program that allows you to design furniture to size,

a tool that allows you to present to the client an offer containing a project in various variants in a few clicks,

one-click sizing, cloning, spacing, and mirroring,

a system for optimizing the cutting of furniture boards,

a few clicks and you will generate a list of cuts,

the ability to sketch furniture with ongoing monitoring of work progress in a 2D view and preview of the rendered perspective in a 3D view,

a tool enabling fieldwork,

the ability to make a complex project with a few clicks (also: using the touchpad and keyboard shortcuts),

a program that generates project screenshots in JPG format and allows you to make visualizations with a dynamic GIF,

a tool that allows you to change the dimensions of the designed furniture at any time and perform dynamic visualizations (all information about the designed furniture is also updated on an ongoing basis),

a professional application preparing the valuation, a report for the customer (with a retail valuation) and a report on assembly (drawing with the technical blueprint of the furniture) and production of the created element (list of materials used together with the specification, list of forms to be cut out with an indication of the number of sheets needed),

an intuitive interface created for users: cabinetmakers, fitters and designers,

an extremely easy-to-use tool that allows you to create advanced projects in a short time,

a tool enabling the calculation of forms with the possibility of manual editing of the dimensions of the veneered edge of the form,

increase your profits and reduce the amount of waste when cutting woodwork

a time-saving tool that increased your sales,,

an excellent assistant for the design of wardrobe cabinets, hinged doors, glass, mirror, furniture board and plywood sliding doors,

a primary tool in the workshop. It's an amazing app woodworking and cabinetry software.

The idea for the WaCaDe software

The idea of creating a technology from scratch to quickly design and calculate furniture resulted in many years of browsing and trying competing commercial applications. Offered sketchlist, kdmax, cad, pro100usa are complex "combines" with advanced functionalities and renderings. Most users only use a fraction of the capabilities due to the compile level. Proficiency requires a multi-day paid course and dealing with the enormity of concepts, models, creating elements that are difficult to modify.

WaCaDe has been thought out in terms of effective work, optimization of working time and ease of use. The activities on the bodies are intuitive, each activity has been adapted to cooperation with the client in order to be able to carry out the development concept with the valuation even at the client's premises. All activities are immediately visualized, processed into reports and cut-to-production. The market situation initiated an impulse to take action by the author and originator of the program, a specialist in the furniture industry dealing professionally with customers ordering custom-made furniture.

A set of functionalities was prepared and developed, and after consulting them with specialists from the IT industry, the creation of a user-friendly tool and its implementation on the market began. Countless tests carried out by furniture carpenters in cooperation with designers, for whom they were an invaluable source of knowledge, result in unrivaled WaCaDe.

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